March 31, 2016


My girlfriend and I had the pleasure of attending the March 26th performance at the Long Center in Austin, Texas for the performance of Star Trek: The Ultimate Voyage. I have been—and always will be—a Star Trek fan since watching it when it first aired in 1966.

We arrived in costume and saw a mix of people interested in Star Trek and in music. The stage was beautifully set as if you were on the bridge of the Enterprise D from The Next Generation, including the very large viewing screen. The orchestral portion was performed by the Czech National Symphony, conducted by Nicholas Buc. Before the show began, we got to meet Buc and spent a few minutes talking about the music and the importance of it relating to Star Trek. We also got to meet some of the people who work behind the scenes, moving and setting up each performance as it travels from city to city. A very small but dedicated crew.

The show was phenomenal, the mix of music and the images absolutely beautiful. You felt you were on the bridge and a part of the events happening. The melding of all the series from The Original Series to the latest movies truly showed what influence music had on Star Trek over the decades.

It was a wonderful experience and truly proves that Star Trek will live long and prosper for another 50 years and beyond.