March 24, 2016


The American science fiction franchise Star Trek celebrates 50 years of deep space exploration with Star Trek: The Ultimate Voyage, a one-of-a-kind symphony experience for any Star Trek fan. Fifty years of compositions, created by 14 different composers, are chosen to accompany returning themes that follow our favorite characters as they explore the galaxies, such as the music dedicated to the U.S.S. Enterprise, or the enemy Klingon race.

I had the pleasurable experience of having VIP tickets and taking a backstage tour to experience how each concert is created. I also had the opportunity to speak with Nicholas Buc, a composer himself and an associate conductor of the Ultimate Voyage. If you have the means, I highly recommend these VIP tickets, as they really enhanced our experience.

As the orchestra plays music from across the years, memorable scenes from the Next Generation series all the way to the new film reboots by J.J. Abrams play in response to the Star Trek themes. The symphony is not overpowering as the screen plays, instead a great complement to the projected clips. Watching the symphony and the screen felt like watching a film with a score: everything was balanced perfectly and expertly timed. The sheer quality of the sound almost brought me to tears.

There is no better way to celebrate 50 years of the deep desire to explore and discover strange new worlds than with the Ultimate Voyage Experience.