March 2, 2016

Syracuse, NY Review

Fifty years of Star Trek imagery and music come together in this truly awesome concert production! Fans are whisked away to the bridge of the Enterprise, looking out through the viewscreen like our favorite crews before us, to relive some of our favorite scenes and themes of the iconic franchise.

Whether you are a music lover, a Star Trek fan, or both, this live event will mesmerize you with its gorgeous visuals and sound. The video, pulled from both television and film, recounts well-loved scenes and storylines for fans, celebrates the underlying themes and social commentary Star Trek brought to our living rooms, and features montages that has everyone in the audience alternating between tears and laughter. The fantastically talented orchestra accompanies everything with exciting arrangements of the original music and, like any great soundtrack, it truly lifts and enhances the entire production experience.

This concert celebrates everything that Star Trek has to offer, and is a bit like coming home again…before taking off on the next spectacular adventure!!

Written by: Amanda Kempf