April 27, 2016

TULSA, OK Review

As my husband and four kids(ages 15,13,11,9) accompanied me into the Tulsa Performing Arts Center on Saturday evening, we were filled with excitement and anticipation. We are a family who loves Star Trek and loves music, so the thought of the two together seemed nothing less than perfect.

As we entered the actual auditorium, sounds from the ship filled the room. The backdrop of stars and purple space lighting set the stage as we prepared to “Take off!” on the adventure of Star Trek: The Ultimate Voyage 50th Anniversary Concert Tour. To begin, the old and familiar words echoed through the room….”Space, The Final Frontier…” Immediately you were whisked away to the bridge of the Enterprise.

What followed was a beautiful blending of music and imagery that seemed to work together in perfect unity. The performance was flawless by The Czech National Orchestra as Nicholas Buc led them with passion and spunk. It was relaxing to listen to, interesting to watch, and by the end you felt like you had been sitting in your living room with your family and friends and reminisced all your favorite memories together.

Did my kids like it??? They loved it! They loved seeing all the instruments play in perfect unity with each other and with the scenes on the screen. This was their first experience with a professional live orchestra.

My husband was most pleasantly surprised with the arrangers’ ability to make an Original Series intensive production seem pertinent while maintaining its native charm.

This was an amazing tribute to Star Trek and to its musical composers.  You are reminded of their musical genius that actually brings you into the time and moment of Star Trek. This is without question a MUST SEE…whether you love music, Star Trek or both.

“ I have and always will be your friend.”