April 27, 2016


Is it possible to pay proper tribute to a franchise that has spanned 50 years, 5 series and 12 movies and captured the imaginations of generations of people? Some might argue that you can’t. If that’s the case, then Star Trek the Ultimate Voyage came very, very close.

On a warm night April 22nd my husband and I followed the tour manager backstage to get a close look at the production of this celebration of 50 years of iconic music. As we wound our way through low doorways and steep staircases and carefully-transported instruments, she told us amusing stories of 400 mile drives, the challenges of adapting to the acoustics of multiple venues, the excitement of working with music recently released from Paramount Pictures and CBS’s vaults. Our conductor for the night, Nicholas Buc, was very obliging & chatted with us for a little while about the many composers who have been iconic to Star Trek’s music- Goldsmith, Giaccino, Courage, McCarthy, Chattaway. He also had us in stiches, recalling some of the more dramatic audience reactions in previous shows.

As the audience filed in, it was so much fun to see the mix of casual and dedicated fans (and friends I never knew were Trekkers!) Costumes, props, even fan-created set pieces were in the lobby as we eagerly anticipated the performance.

As the lights dimmed, I had a hard time figuring out what to watch- the passionate orchestra or the screen. But I was quickly swept away by the artfully arranged clips and well-chosen music. Watching the epic encounters and battles with iconic villains and later allies the Klingon Empire got my heart racing, and I relieved the terror I originally had as the Borg theme reached its crescendo and Locutus of Borg spoke those iconic words “Resistance – is futile.” We all delighted in watching iconic battles with the Klingons, Romulans, and Khan. During a classic scene with Janeway on the bridge of a damaged Voyager, members of the audience cried out their approval. And we were touched to see the tribute to Leonard Nimoy. I thoroughly enjoyed the expert performances of the Czech National Symphony and the enthusiasm of Nicholas Buc. And I think everyone got a kick out of a knowing orchestra rising as one and wishing us farewell with the famous “Live long and prosper” salute. This truly was a once in a lifetime event, and if you haven’t gone you need to get to one of the final performances you need to soon.