Star Trek: The Ultimate Voyage brings 50+ years of Star Trek to concert halls worldwide The live concert originally launched in Florida in January 2016 and had played in more than 100 cities.

This lavish production includes an impressive live symphony orchestra and international special solo instruments. Experience the franchise’s groundbreaking and wildly popular musical achievements while the most iconic Star Trek film and TV footage is simultaneously beamed in high definition to a 40-foot wide screen.

The concert will feature some of the greatest music written for the franchise including favorites from Star Trek: The Original Series, Star Trek: The Motion Picture, Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home, Star Trek: Insurrection, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: Voyager and much more. This live event is perfect for music lovers, filmgoers, fans, and those looking for a unique concert experience.


"To boldly go where no one has gone before."





CineConcerts is one of the leading producers of live music experiences performed with visual media, known for its popular live to projection, symphonic concerts including The Godfather in Concert, Gladiator in Concert, Breakfast at Tiffany’s in Concert, It’s a Wonderful Life in Concert, Rudy in Concert, and DreamWorks Animation In Concert productions. Founded by producer/conductor Justin Freer and producer Brady Beaubien, CineConcerts has engaged millions of people worldwide in concert presentations that redefine the evolution of live experience. From full-length movie screenings with live orchestra to music-interactive sporting event experiences to original 3D-environment holiday programming, CineConcerts is at the forefront of live entertainment.

Justin Freer


American composer/conductor JUSTIN FREER was born and raised in Huntington Beach, CA. He has established himself as one of the West Coast’s most exciting musical voices and has quickly become a highly sought-after conductor and producer of film music concerts around the world. Freer began his formal studies on trumpet, playing in wind ensembles, marching bands and community orchestras. He quickly turned to piano and composition and composed his first work for wind ensemble at age eleven. Continuing trumpet performance while studying piano and composition, Freer saw multiple wind ensemble, choral and big band performances of his music while still a teenager and gave his professional conducting debut at age sixteen.

Continually composing for various different mediums, he has written music for world-renowned trumpeters Doc Severinson and Jens Lindemann and continues to be in demand as a composer and conductor for everything from orchestral literature to chamber music at some of the most well known concert halls, festivals, music clinics and conventions in the world. Major League Soccer called upon Freer to compose and conduct music for the 2011 and 2012 Major League Soccer Championship Cups in Los Angeles, CA. He has served as composer for several independent films and has written motion picture advertising music for some of 20th Century Fox Studios’ biggest campaigns including Avatar, The Day the Earth Stood Still, Dragonball Evolution and Aliens in the Attic.

As a conductor Freer has appeared with many of the world’s leading orchestras including the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, New York Philharmonic, Philadelphia Orchestra, Philharmonia Orchestra, San Francisco Symphony and Sydney Symphony Orchestra. Upcoming seasons will include his debut with the London Philharmonic and Tokyo Philharmonic and repeat performances with the orchestras of Philadelphia, Chicago, St. Louis, Melbourne and others.

Renowned wind conductor and Oxford Round Table Scholar Dr. Rikard Hansen has noted that, “In totality, Freer’s exploration in musical sound evoke moments of highly charged drama, alarming strife and serene reflection.”

In recent seasons his works have been performed by the Musashino Academia Musicae Wind Ensemble, Texas All-State Symphonic Band, the Grand Symphonic Winds and the wind bands of the University of North Texas, Purdue University, Kansas State University, University of North Dakota, University of Illinois, Indiana University, UCLA, St. Cloud State University, and Cal State University, Los Angeles, among many others. His music has also appeared as a subject of discussion at the Oxford Round Table of Scholars and has been performed throughout the world from New York City’s Carnegie Hall to Tokyo Opera City Concert Hall.

Freer has been recognized with numerous grants and awards from organizations including ASCAP, BMI, the Society of Composers and Lyricists and the Henry Mancini Estate. He is the Founder and President of CineConcerts, a company dedicated to the preservation and concert presentation of film, TV and media music set to picture with whom he has produced, curated and conducted full length music score performances live with film for such titles as Gladiator, The Godfather, Breakfast at Tiffany’s and It’s a Wonderful Life, with the upcoming productions Star Trek: The Ultimate Voyage – a celebration of 50 years of music, television and film from the Star Trek franchise as well as DreamWorks Animation In Concert. He used to take . Freer also spent several years as one of the principal conductors for The Lord of the Rings Trilogy In Concert and conducted the European concert run of Titanic.

Mr. Freer earned both his B.A. and M.A. degrees in Music Composition from UCLA, where his principal composition teachers included Paul Chihara and Ian Krouse. In addition, he was mentored by legendary composer/conductor Jerry Goldsmith, whose contributions to the Star Trek franchise include some of the most respected and cherished music ever written for film and television.

Brady Beaubien


A Stanford graduate, All-American Athlete turned creative impresario, Beaubien is the founder of Interlace Media – an enterprising motion graphics company with a specialty of integrating theatrical and television media.

The acclaimed Interlace is a premiere CG animation and advertising agency for feature films. They define global campaigns of over 100 major Hollywood movies, including Avatar, X-Men, Rio, Ice Age, and Die Hard franchises.

Beaubien co-founded CineConcerts, a company dedicated to reinventing the experience of theatrical presentation and orchestral music. CineConcerts partners with the greatest theatrical concert halls in the world, including the Sydney Opera House and Royal Albert Hall, to screen classic films while renowned orchestras perform the score for the film in real-time. Currently producing Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone In Concert, Gladiator LiveThe Godfather LiveandStar Trek: The Ultimate Voyage.

Beaubien also founded Interlace Design, an international architecture and design firm, currently building a new restaurant in Paris and an exclusive residence in Tokyo. His new headquarters – which he designed and built on Melrose Ave – represents a commitment to the metropolitan and interconnected providence of Los Angeles. Advanced materials and technology merge with wood, concrete and glass in an organic and modernist design.  Mr. Beaubien has partnered with award winning sushi chef, Nobu Matsuhisa, to bring his new restaurant concept into the building. Mr. Beaubien also designed the restaurant.


The Klingon Armada. The Romulan Starfleet. The Borg Collective. You’ll need a starship to face these guys down—and now you’ve got one. With phaser banks charged, photon torpedoes armed, and a full orchestra at your back – you’re ready to face down 50+ years of Federation enemies. Witness the greatest battles. Feel the rumble of the orchestra as Starship Captains outwit and out-maneuver their greatest foes.


"Cry Havoc, and let slip the Dogs of War."


-General Chang


Kirk. Picard. Archer. Janeway. These aren’t just names. They’re the boldest men and women to travel the galaxy. Do it Kirk’s way—throw a punch. Step into Picard’s shoes and join the Borg. Pioneer Earth’s first starship like Jonathon Archer. Or sacrifice your crew’s ability to make it home to save an alien race like Janeway. Over five generations of heroes come to life, along side the greatest music ever composed.






You’re on the Enterprise—and any ship that carries that name is the finest in the fleet. Take her out of orbit, and confront powerful enemies, assist loyal friends, and rescue the helpless. Over five generations of starships wait to warp you through the galaxy—alongside some of the greatest music ever made.


"Computer? Hello computer!"




Making it in the Federation takes sacrifices. Every crew member is ready to lay down their life for their beliefs. Bones. Spock. Kirk. Picard. Reiker. Witness the greatest friendships on screen – as you watch 50+ years of crew members responding to the call of duty, all set to the most incredible music ever made.


"Live long and prosper."



David H Tanaka

Creative Editor

David H. Tanaka is an accomplished film editor whose body of work spans motion picture visual effects, feature film animation, theme park attractions, and special venue productions. Classically trained in piano from the age of 5, he went on to major in film theory at the University of California, Berkeley with a strong interest in motion picture editing and musical score composition. At Industrial Light & Magic, a division of Lucasfilm Ltd, he specialized in the field of visual effects editing on such groundbreaking vfx films as Jurassic Park, Forrest Gump, Star Trek, Indiana Jones and Star Wars. He went on to provide studio trailer and special projects editorial services for Pixar Animation Studios on Cars, WALL•E, Ratatouille, UP, Toy Story 3, Brave and Monsters University, as well as for theme park-related attractions Carsland at Disney’s California Adventure and Ratatouille: The Adventure at Disneyland Paris. In 2012, David H. Tanaka was key collaborator and Creative Editor on Pixar In Concert – an immersive orchestral celebration of all Pixar movies, performed live and in sync to custom-edited montage projections he created. A commercial and independent filmmaker in his own right, he also serves as board member to the Visual Effects Society – a global professional vfx honorary society – and in 2014 received the organization’s outstanding achievement award for his years of service as Northern California chair.

Lights and Stage Design

NICK WHITEHOUSE – Stage and Lighting Design

Nick Whitehouse is a highly experienced creative producer specializing in the execution and design of a wide range of musical and broadcast events such as: ground breaking world tours, arena spectacles, award show performances, live or pre recorded broadcast specials, television series, theatrical performances and festival headline slots.

Nick is highly sought after for his forward thinking and technical ability with a reputation for creating and executing outstanding, tour-able, budget conscious and unique designs for a large number of the most successful artists currently in the business.

Nick has built up an impressive range of broadcast credits, from the Grammy nominated “Coldplay Live”, to high profile live television programming the BBC “Electric Proms”, T4’s “Album Chart Show”, C4’s “Koko Pop”, MTV’s “London Live”. A range of international network specials such as Kylie Minogues “Aphrodite Les Folies” Spectacular Sky3D debut and theatrical release, Justin Timberlake’s “Future Sex Love Show” HBO special, Rihanna’s Idol Finale and Beyoncé’s Billboard Award Performance. Events such as the opening ceremony of Dubai’s “Palm Island and Atlantis hotel” and Istanbul’s National Stadium along side a diverse range of concert touring including Coldplay’s “Twisted Logic” world tour, KanYe West’s “Touch The Sky” world tour, Justin Timberlake’s “Future Sex Love Show” world tour, Alicia keys “As I Am” world tour, Britney Spears “Circus” world tour Jay Z and Kanye’s “Watch The Throne” world tour, and most recently the ground breaking and most technologically advanced Kylie “Aphrodite Les Folies” arena tour and the critically acclaimed Justin Timberlake’s “20/20” world tour confirms Nick Whitehouse is at the very top of his field with a unique combined package of Creative Producer and Lighting, Designer